No More Than I Already Am


PC ’15


My mom visited me over the past several days. It was a beautiful time.

As we talked and caught up on life, I realized that my relationship with my mom looks less like it did when I was 5 and more like that of two sisters or friends. But I am no less my mom’s daughter. In fact, I am learning more of what that actually means.

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Peace, Which Transcends All Understanding, Including a Yalie’s

APRIL KOH TD ’14 Executive Director, Logos We hear it a lot in the Christian community: “Lord, give us Your peace, which transcends all understanding.” It’s almost become cliché — like, whenever we say “peace,” we have to tack on that verse from Philippians 4:7: “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” But what on earth does “transcend[ing] all understanding” entail? What does that peace even look like? Here are some practical pictures of that kind of peace for Yalies: Peace even when you have three mid-terms and … Continue reading Peace, Which Transcends All Understanding, Including a Yalie’s

Father or Friend: Take Your Pick

APRIL KOH TD ’14 Executive Director, Logos One of my favorite parts of Mass is the “Our Father” prayer. I love reciting a common, divine prayer, once uttered word for word by Jesus himself, with a large congregation. I love the communal pauses and the unified beats in the rhythm of the words. I also love the content of the prayer. I love the prayer’s simplicity and humility beginning with: “Our Father, who art in Heaven…” This phrase brings to mind families and in particular, fathers, especially with the social issues in politics these days. You hear “the institution of marriage” … Continue reading Father or Friend: Take Your Pick

Welcome to Word: The Logos Blog

APRIL KOH & RICHARD LEE Co-Executive Directors, Logos Welcome to WORD: The Logos Blog! We have deliberately gone from Logos (λόγος), the Biblical, formal, rather complex moniker, to the English and conveniently colloquial WORD for the name of this blog. The decision reflects our desire to create a forum of casual Christian thought–(more or less) weekly ruminations on anything and everything tangentially Christian. Our official semesterly magazine (which you should eagerly anticipate) is where the hefty editing and careful composing happens; WORD: The Logos Blog is where the casual banter between believers and curious non-believers happens. The blog will be headed … Continue reading Welcome to Word: The Logos Blog