Ready to welcome Him?

It has been a crazy last few days leading up to Christmas. Gifts to buy, food to prepare, friends to see. But are the multitudes preparing for the holidays ready to welcome the baby Christ into the world? How can we fathom the "adventus" of the infant God in a society that might not have … Continue reading Ready to welcome Him?


From “The Pattern of Christian Truth”

RICHARD LEE MC ’14 One of the classes I took in the past semester was Hist 226, "Jesus to Muhammad: Ancient Christianity to the Rise of Islam." Taught by Prof. Stephen Davis, the class presents an historical overview of the development of the Church in her first seven centuries. It was fascinating and informative to … Continue reading From “The Pattern of Christian Truth”

Some Thoughts after Nine Lessons and Carols, with Apology for Rambling

RICHARD LEE MC ’14 Executive Director, Logos I don’t always visit Battell Chapel, but when I did, I was almost overcome with emotions at the Nine Lessons and Carols Service. This service, originally conceived at the King’s College Chapel in Cambridge, has been (at least during my three year at Yale) a regularity attended by … Continue reading Some Thoughts after Nine Lessons and Carols, with Apology for Rambling


JEANNI HWANG, TD '14 I thrive in solitude. I loved independence. I'd convinced myself I was a natural at serene self-assurance. Like a swan. Often when I'm puzzled about where certain traits of mine come from, I just need to look back a bit.  I grew up learning to handle most things myself. My parents … Continue reading Submission