RELEVANT Magazine: The “It” Factor for Every Relationship

The “It” Factor for Every Relationship


I had coffee with a friend last week and she shared this article with me. We were just talking about why some relationships seem to “work” and others don’t make it. I think this is a pretty convincing take on why. The huge role of “choice” in love and human relationships (of all sorts) has become more clear to me recently. Nothing seems to last unless people choose to commit to making it last and going about the necessary growth and changes to make that happen. Granted, not all relationships should be committed to if they are not healthy or if the people are not ready to make that choice to grow and commit. Nevertheless, the importance of choice–whether that be the choice to start, to stay, to grow–seems far more convincing as the “it” factor than anything else I’ve heard.

Hope you enjoy. Comment with your thoughts if you wish!



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