5:00 a.m. at the Airport


Every time it’s time to leave New Haven to go back to LA or leave LA to go to New Haven, I become extremely emotional and filled with anxiety. When I come home, I feel as if I am putting the past several months of my life on hold, unable to control or carry out my Yale life from home. When I go back to school, I am nervous for the new semester: how will I grow? what will I learn? who will I love?

The last question always fills me with a sense of dread (because love takes time, effort, and risk, and people too often disappoint). Yet it’s the only question truly worth asking.

As I was coming to the airport at 4 in the morning, I was listening to some Christian song on some Christian radio station in the car. The only part of the song that caught my attention was talking about how Jesus overcame. So I sat there wondering, “How would Jesus overcome this travel anxiety? He would probably think it silly.” But I quickly realized he probably wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss my sentiments. Actually, I think he would have understood my heart to an even greater degree.

Jesus must have been sick of traveling all the time. He was always going from one place to another, investing in new people, getting rejected or taken advantage of by many, ministering and pouring himself out to every new person and place he encountered. And despite getting attached to a new town or new people he probably continued to be on the move, knowing that there were more people to love and reveal himself to.

May my attitude towards my own “traveling” (which for me is as petty as going from one home to another home) be more like Christ. There is much work to be done, old people to continue loving more deeply, new people to begin loving and pouring into. And my Father who was with his son at all times in all places and the Holy Spirit who continues to reveal to me the truth of my Lord Jesus Christ, will also be with me wherever I go.



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