Living in Parable: A Thought

“I will open my mouth in parables; 

I will utter what has been hidden since

the foundation of the world.” (Matthew 13:35)

       The walk to Pierson’s Silent Study Break was a uneventful occurrence (to the unseeing onlooker). Another slightly brisk February evening, another student walking to a destination, another end to another normal day. Yet, all at once, nothing was normal. The way the wind shifted the leaves, like a gentle blow of soft pursed lips, captivated me. Continue reading “Living in Parable: A Thought”

Sense: A Thought

Can you feel it? Imagine the soft brush of cloth against your skin, the subtle settling of a snowflake on your shoulder, the gentle caress of a loved one. Listen carefully to the rush of a passing car and the flittering sound of voices rising and falling. Open your eyes to capture a passing cloud, a line of poetry, a smiling face. Let flowers and the smell of rain on concrete fill your nose. Taste the umami of life. It will settle on your taste buds like a familiar friend. Continue reading “Sense: A Thought”

Jesus: Friend of Sinners

Jesus Christ has been one of the most influential and controversial figures in history. Embodying a message of radical love and a system of values antithetical to that of his day, Jesus’ teachings were contentious and unpalatable in a world where legalistic obedience and worthiness were inextricably linked. The church, as conceived after the conclusion of Jesus’ ministry, was intended to be the extension and manifestation of Jesus’ message of divine reconciliation here on earth. Historically, however, the church has been a source of division and derision, often creating a dichotomy of us-versus-them between believers and non-believers. This separation between the ecclesiastical and secular flies in the face of the message of the Gospel. Continue reading “Jesus: Friend of Sinners”