To My Black Friends: You are Victorious. Even in Death.

By Jessica Lee, BC Class of ’20

O Death, where, is your victory?

O Death, where is your sting?”

The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ! –1 Corinthians 15:55-56

Dear Friends,

My heart tears in agony when I hear about the deaths that have occurred unjustly in the hands of a police officer in Tulsa and Charlotte. My soul is angered by the fact that such discrimination and racial inequality exists in today’s society.

Tonight, I write this letter to you, not presenting my case on this issue, but admitting that I don’t have much to offer of myself. No words, no amount of sympathy, no number of hugs will ever be enough to heal or mend even a fraction of your wounds.

But I want to offer you something that is not of this world. In some sense, I have the answer to this seemingly never-ending issue.

It’s found in a person, who risked his life to break all sorts of barriers in society, who in the name of love, declared complete justice over our sins through his death. He challenged authority, broke laws, and discredited tradition to bring hope and truth to this broken world. He faced persecution and rejection all his life, and eventually he died a tragic death.

His name is Jesus.

He stood up for the minorities; he walked alongside those who were hurt; he marched with the oppressed. He was betrayed and in the end, the very people he trusted most crucified him. But here is where you and I can find strength and power. In three days, Jesus resurrected back to life! He defeated inequality, injustice, and destroyed differences through his death. He won the war over sin and death for us.

In this, I hope you find some sort of comfort. You are not suffering alone. The Creator of the universe came down as a Creation born of flesh and was wounded and broken to win the battle for you on this earth. He shares in your deepest sorrows and sympathizes in your frustration. He sees every tear that falls from your eyes, and he weeps with you and for you. This world may tell you that you have no place here and in one sense, it’s true. Your home is on the other side of Heaven, and your identity and hope is always found in Christ. But in another sense, Christ came to bring Heaven to earth. His church is a home here on earth to love you and mourn with you. We are here to cry with you in your afflictions, and we are here to fight with you when you are lacking strength. I hope you find rest in these truths, friends.

You are loved. So deeply.

And you are victorious. Even in death.

Never forget that.




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