Logos Listens: Flood Waters, Josh Garrels

Over winter break I had the chance to ask a member of a national disaster recovery team what he believed was the hardest disaster do deal with – his unhesitating reply was “floods”. This folksy melody by Josh Garrels inhales the terror and wreckage of something so destructively overpowering and exhales peace – peace, not from ignorance of the things that threaten to overcome us but from the assurance of something much, much stronger. Continue reading Logos Listens: Flood Waters, Josh Garrels

Following Jesus from Cradle to College

So many grown-up Christians I admired– my  grade’s small group leader in youth group, C. S. Lewis himself, and many others– had a tangible turning point at which they became followers of Christ. No matter what struggles they faced in their faith, they had that moment to turn to and consider, to comfort them; I had nothing of the kind. I yearned so strongly for some decisive event in my own life, to help dispel the doubts and distance from God I felt for almost all of high school. Maybe if I could have such a moment of overwhelming certainty, of unquestioned belief that God is real and really who He says He is, I would feel more secure in my faith. Continue reading Following Jesus from Cradle to College