The Subtlety of Glory: Part 1

RODNEY EVANS, PC14 The first element: a window. It is dark. The faint scent of cold coffee belonging to the elderly lady beside me hangs in the air. My legs are stiff and restless. I listen to the roaring hum of the plane that propels me comfortably through the air at about 570 mph. That’s when I look out the small plastic window beside me at the thick nocturnal blackness. I think. I think of the great gulf of space that now lies between my bed and my body. I ponder the vastitude of this world in which I live. The … Continue reading The Subtlety of Glory: Part 1

The Subtlety of Glory: Part 2

RODNEY EVANS PC’14 The “elements” in part one of this post, and others like them, are commonly found in any activity, whether it is a missionary trip, or a trip to Durefee’s. God has endowed creation with such intricate depth, that even the smallest of things can be used to communicate the most precious and profoundest of truths. Even the most profound topics can be explained through the most rudimentary of terms. It is only through this realization that we can begin to move to a more full vision of who God is. God doesn’t need to rely on physical, … Continue reading The Subtlety of Glory: Part 2

Lessons From The ER

RODNEY EVANS, PC’14 So it was the final week of my sophomore year in college. My final exams were scattered throughout the week and studying was not an “optional” task. I meticulously planned the way my week would go, allotting the appropriate amount of study time needed for each exam. As I sat down in the library planning my week on Sunday, I had no idea that I would be confined to a hospital bed, IV in arm, the night before my Saturday final. But God knew. As a Christian, I realize that there is nothing that can happen in my … Continue reading Lessons From The ER