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5:00 a.m. at the Airport


Every time it’s time to leave New Haven to go back to LA or leave LA to go to New Haven, I become extremely emotional and filled with anxiety. When I come home, I feel as if I am putting the past several months of my life on hold, unable to control or carry out my Yale life from home. When I go back to school, I am nervous for the new semester: how will I grow? what will I learn? who will I love?

The last question always fills me with a sense of dread (because love takes time, effort, and risk, and people too often disappoint). Yet it’s the only question truly worth asking.

As I was coming to the airport at 4 in the morning, I was listening to some Christian song on some Christian radio station in the car. The only part of the song that caught my attention was talking about how Jesus overcame. So I sat there wondering, “How would Jesus overcome this travel anxiety? He would probably think it silly.” But I quickly realized he probably wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss my sentiments. Actually, I think he would have understood my heart to an even greater degree.

Jesus must have been sick of traveling all the time. He was always going from one place to another, investing in new people, getting rejected or taken advantage of by many, ministering and pouring himself out to every new person and place he encountered. And despite getting attached to a new town or new people he probably continued to be on the move, knowing that there were more people to love and reveal himself to.

May my attitude towards my own “traveling” (which for me is as petty as going from one home to another home) be more like Christ. There is much work to be done, old people to continue loving more deeply, new people to begin loving and pouring into. And my Father who was with his son at all times in all places and the Holy Spirit who continues to reveal to me the truth of my Lord Jesus Christ, will also be with me wherever I go.


RELEVANT Magazine: The “It” Factor for Every Relationship

The “It” Factor for Every Relationship


I had coffee with a friend last week and she shared this article with me. We were just talking about why some relationships seem to “work” and others don’t make it. I think this is a pretty convincing take on why. The huge role of “choice” in love and human relationships (of all sorts) has become more clear to me recently. Nothing seems to last unless people choose to commit to making it last and going about the necessary growth and changes to make that happen. Granted, not all relationships should be committed to if they are not healthy or if the people are not ready to make that choice to grow and commit. Nevertheless, the importance of choice–whether that be the choice to start, to stay, to grow–seems far more convincing as the “it” factor than anything else I’ve heard.

Hope you enjoy. Comment with your thoughts if you wish!

Come Together

Shelly Kim, PC ’15, Editor, Social Media

My biggest complaint since freshman year regarding the Christian community at Yale was that there were too many. On one hand, I was ambushed starting my first days of freshman year with love, baked goods, smiling faces of people who wanted to be my friend and people who wanted to mentor me. As long as you make even the smallest effort to seek a Christian community, you are bound to find more than you know what to do with. There was a point when I was going to 4 different Bible studies, 2 large group meetings, and 2 church services on Sundays so that I could figure out where I would best fit in, grow, and be able to serve. #Christiancollegestudentproblems

This probably doesn’t seem like much of a problem; and I guess it isn’t. But once I decided on which ministries I wanted to be a part of, I realized that many of the friends I had made throughout the deciding process were scattered in different places. While I was very much convinced that all the different Christian groups I had seen were good, fun, (and not heretical–haha), and that they catered to different personalities, my frustrations grew. There were times when I was able to worship next to my suitemates or with members of my a Christian a cappella group if we were singing before a large group event. But why wasn’t that every week? As believers, we all ought to have the same heart for God and a shared vision of the Kingdom and eternity. So why are we not worshipping, learning, and growing together?

There must have been many others who felt this frustration. The students and leaders of the various groups worked together to organize the first joint large group meeting in recent years.

“Come Together”, November 1, Battell Chapel

The moment we walked in, we were greeted by friendly faces and asked to sit with others from our residential college. The heart behind this was to introduce us to other people in our college that were believers. Then we had a powerful time of worship. The various staff and ministers of the different Christian groups introduced themselves. Each Christian fellowship had one staff member read a “Letter to the Church”, inspired by Revelations 2-3 (see previous blog article titled “A Letter to Yale” to read one of the four letters read that night). The letters were a beautiful reminder of where to fix our gaze, what to hope and pray for, Whom we are loved by, that we must continue to press on. I have no doubt that the Lord was well pleased with their words and that He was with them as they wrote. It was fascinating to see the different ministry staffs and their particular personalities, their various ways of writing and interpreting the “write a Letter to the Church” assignment, and their different deliveries. It reminded me that each of these groups have their own strengths and styles that appeal to and make sense to different types of people, and that this is a good thing.

Then, we had a time of sharing, where anyone was free to talk about what they see God doing in his/her fellowship/life/friends’ lives, or ask for prayer, etc. Brandon Wang (JE ’14), shared about what he feels God is doing at Yale. He began by saying, “When I first came to Yale as a freshman, I felt a cloud of spiritual oppression.”  He proceeded to explain that since last year, he has seen God work in people’s lives, bring people to faith, increase in number the amount of freshmen who were seeking to join Christian community and get involved. At one point, Brandon asked all the freshmen in the room to raise their hands. About a third of the room raised their hands. Praise God!

We ended the night with more worship and delicious snacks.

My favorite thing about Come Together was to take a few minutes to go to the back of Battell Chapel, stand in the last pew, be alone but at the same time able to look at all the familiar and not-familiar people there deeply engaged in worship. Most of my closest friends were all in the same place at the same time, singing and praying to the same God. It was magical.

“This is just the smallest sliver of a glimpse of what Heaven will be like,” I thought.

No More Than I Already Am


PC ’15


My mom visited me over the past several days. It was a beautiful time.

As we talked and caught up on life, I realized that my relationship with my mom looks less like it did when I was 5 and more like that of two sisters or friends. But I am no less my mom’s daughter. In fact, I am learning more of what that actually means.

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