Who We Are


Editor-in-Chief: Kayla Bartsch, HC ’20

Hey friends! My name is Kayla, and I am a junior in Hopper who originally hails from Minnesota. I am a double major in Philosophy and Humanities, and a lover of words!  Along with Logos, I chair debates for the Federalist Party, help lead Christian Union at Yale, and sing gleefully with the Yale Glee Club. You can almost always catch me sipping something from a mug at a neighborhood coffeeshop, or reading something in Bass. So looking forward to working with the wonderful Logos team this year!

Executive Director: Vienna Scott, BF ’21

Hi! My name is Vienna and I am a Sophomore in Benjamin Franklin College majoring in Religious Studies and Political Science. I’m from the small town of Hollis, New Hampshire. When I’m not working on Logos, you can find me at the Yale Political Union, studying in the stacks, or having tea parties with my suitemates. It is a privilege to serve as the Executive Director of the Yale Logos and I can’t wait to see where this year takes us!

Community Manager: Bradley Yam, SY ’21

Hi! My name is Bradley, and I’m from the sunny island city of Singapore. I am a sophomore potentially studying EP&E and Computer Science. I love diving and hiking, when I can get the chance. In my spare time I like learning about science, technology, C.S. Lewis and food. I live on Dwight St in a cool house and we would love to have you over for food, fun and friends!

Artistic Director: Sarah Geach, ES ’20

I’m Sarah Geach, and I come from the far-away land of Zimbabwe. I used to a Stilesian, but now I am the proud owner of a single in Pauli Murray College! I am also a proud member of the set of poor sophomore souls who have yet to decide their major, though I think that it will be either English or History! Outside of Logos, I dabble infrequently in Yale Children’s Theatre on Saturday mornings, and, a little more often, partake of the ancient tradition of IMs. 

Copy Editor: Raquel Sequeira TD ’21

Business Manager: Josh Purtell, PC ’21

Hey, I’m Josh and I’m a sophomore in Pierson studying Math. I’m from Pittsburgh and have spent a lot of time in Eastern Europe. Aside from Logos, I sing with the Yale Russian Chorus, debate with the Yale Political Union, and write for the News.

Editorial Committee:

Sarah Geach ES ’20

Kayla Bartsch HC ’20

Vienna Scott BF ’21

Bradley Yam SY ’21

Raquel Sequeira TD ’21

Josh Purtell PC ’21




Jessica Lee BR ’20

Sean Bland ES ’18

Pedro Enamorado ES ’17

Nicholas Dacosta DC ’18

Keniel Yao PM ’19

Annie Jones DP ’18

Sydney Wade ES ’18

Dinnie Ee, BR ’18

April Koh ’16

Joseph Kim ES ’16

Courtney McEachon ’15

Jeanni Hwang ’14

Richard Lee ’14

Rodney Evans ’14