Who We Are

16179339_767394316746572_1729412740590952777_oExecutive Director: Pedro Enamorado, ES ’17 

Pedro is a declared History major at Yale.

Editor-in-Chief: Nicholas Dacosta, DC ’18

Nick Dacosta is a Religious Studies Major and Directed Studies Veteran.

Business Manager: Keniel Yao, PM ’19

Keniel is a potential Applied Mathematics and Sociology major. Outside of Yale Logos, Keniel is involved in Yale Glee Club, Living Water, Yale Chi Alpha (Christian fellowship), and Freshman in Service. When asked what he enjoys most about being a member of Logos, he noted: “I’m inspired by Logos’ mission to increase engagement with Christian thought on campus. Religion is a vital component of diversity on campus. Logos provides a channel for Christians to develop the discipline of distilling clear, reasoned, and relevant proclamations of truth from the Gospel and sharing it in accessible ways to those around us!”

Communications Director: Jessica Lee, BR ’20

Currently a freshman at Yale, Jessica hopes to study Global Health through the pre-med track. Aside from her academics, she is interested in exploring her faith in a more intellectual way. Logos is one way that she can challenge herself to think about Christianity and delve into hard questions she wouldn’t otherwise. She’s excited to engage with the Yale campus through her writing, and she can’t wait to see how God will use the Logos team to bring truth and light to His word!

Faculty Advisor: Vacant

Non-Faculty Advisor:

Justin Hawkins is a Ph.D student at Yale Divinity School (YDS, a guest lecturer in YDS, Headmaster of Grace Academy, and an assistant program director at the Rivendell Institute. He earned a B.A. in political theory from Georgetown University (’11) and an MAR in Philosophy of Religion from Yale Divinity School (’15).

Editorial Committee:

Jessica Lee BR ’20

Sarah Geach ES ’20

Sean Bland ES ’18


Annie Jones DP ’18

Sydney Wade ES ’18

Dinnie Ee, BR ’18

April Koh ’16

Joseph Kim ES ’16

Courtney McEachon ’15

Jeanni Hwang ’14

Richard Lee ’14

Rodney Evans ’14