Who We Are


Editor-in-Chief: Sarah Geach, PM ’20

I’m Sarah Geach, and I come from the far-away land of Zimbabwe. I used to a Stilesian, but now I am the proud owner of a single in Pauli Murray College! I am also a proud member of the set of poor sophomore souls who have yet to decide their major, though I think that it will be either English or History! Outside of Logos, I dabble infrequently in Yale Children’s Theatre on Saturday mornings, and, a little more often, partake of the ancient tradition of IMs. 

Executive Director: Christian Olivier, TC ’20

Hi, my name is Christian Olivier and I am a sophomore in Trumbull majoring in History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health. I’m from Southeast Louisiana, about two hours from New Orleans, and I graduated from a little country school named TM Landry College Prep. The transition from there to Yale was great, but with God’s grace, surmountable. It has been a privilege to be the Executive Director of the Yale Logos and I cannot wait to see where the journal goes! 

Production Manager: Jessica Lee, BR ’20

Hi! My name is Jessica, and I’m from Houston, TX. I am a sophomore potentially studying Biology and Global Health! I am especially interested in serving in low- to middle-income countries and learning about their health care systems. Outside of Logos, I love early mornings, a cup of coffee (my recent addiction), and a good book. It’s been amazing to see how God has worked this past year in Logos, and I can’t wait to see what He has in store next!

Graphic Design/Formatting Manager: Micah Osler, PC ’18

Business Manager: Hannah Lee, ES ’20

Editorial Committee:

Jessica Lee BR ’20

Sarah Geach ES ’20

Sean Bland ES ’18


Pedro Enamorado ES ’17

Nicholas Dacosta DC ’18

Keniel Yao PM ’19

Annie Jones DP ’18

Sydney Wade ES ’18

Dinnie Ee, BR ’18

April Koh ’16

Joseph Kim ES ’16

Courtney McEachon ’15

Jeanni Hwang ’14

Richard Lee ’14

Rodney Evans ’14