How St. Paul Checked His Privilege

St PaulThe gospel is all about self-denial. The message that Jesus left his heavenly throne to take on flesh and suffer is beautiful and terrifying. It’s that same message that drove the life and work of the apostle Paul. Through his preaching and work, Paul saved the eternal souls of families, oversaw the collection of money for widows, orphans and the poor, and instructed young pastors to carry the flame of the gospel to their congregations. Continue reading “How St. Paul Checked His Privilege”

Hope and Horror in the Cross

As a child, I grew up both terrified and fascinated by the sculpture of a dying man that hung on the wall of my grandmother’s church. As the priest evenly intoned through the mass, my gaze would slide up to the statue, darting back down when I saw the nails in the statue’s wrists. A few moments later, my eyes would inch their way up again. Invariably, I would end up having nightmares that night, related to the wrongly-accused Jesus hanging on the cross. Continue reading “Hope and Horror in the Cross”