Who We Are

Editor-in-Chief: Bradley Yam, SY ’21BY

Hi! My name is Bradley, and I’m from the sunny island city of Singapore. I am a junior studying EP&E and Computer Science. I love diving and hiking, when I can get the chance. In my spare time I like learning about science, technology, C.S. Lewis and food. I live on Dwight St in a cool house and we would love to have you over for food, fun and friends!



Executive Director: Vienna Scott, BF ’21

Hi! My name is Vienna and I am a sophomore in Benjamin Franklin College majoring in Religious Studies and Political Science. I’m from the small town of Hollis, New Hampshire. When I’m not working on Logos, you can find me at the Yale Political Union, studying in the stacks, or having tea parties with my suitemates. It is a privilege to serve as the Executive Director of the Yale Logos and I can’t wait to see where this year takes us!

Managing Editor: Raquel Sequeira, TD ’2120191108_112347

Hello! My name is Raquel, I am a junior in TD studying Molecular Biophysics &Biochemistry. Along with plumbing the mysteries of science (especially ENERGY) I have a love for philosophy and literature. Seeing how these passions unite in the constant quest for truth is one of my deepest joys, along with playing soccer, singing in the Yale Glee Club (and anywhere else!), and reveling in the language of Shakespeare. I am humbled and excited to be helping to lead Logos this year, and I cannot wait to see how our deepening roots enrich our fruit.


Board Members:


Kayla Bartsch, HC ’20

Hey friends! My name is Kayla, and I am a FroCo in Hopper from Plymouth, Minne-snow-da. I am a double major in Philosophy and Humanities, and a lover of words! I served as the Editor-in-Chief of Logos from 2017-2019 and am now hanging around to operate as an editor and general advisor. Outside of Logos, you can find me arguing with the Federalist Party, fellowship-ing with Christian Union at Yale, or singing gleefully with the Yale Glee Club. You can almost always catch me sipping something from a mug at a neighborhood coffeeshop, reading for my thesis in Sterling, or flipping pancakes on Old Campus. So looking forward to working with the wonderful Logos team this year!

Jadan Anderson, MC ’2220191108_112335

Hi all! My name is Jadan. I’m a sophomore in Morse College majoring in… ah, I’ll get back to you on that. There is still so much to learn! I love pondering and talking over questions of God and Meaning and Human Connection. When I’m not occupied with that, I enjoy going on coffee dates, ping-ponging, driving, rehearsing with my a cappella group, playing with my mentee from Bridges of Hope, and spending time with friends.



Ben Colon-Emeric, TD ’22

I’m Ben, a sophomore in TD majoring in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. I enjoy soccer, literature, and the music of Steely Dan.




Bella Gamboa, JE ’2269564804_482102242631706_9120739506939494400_o

Hi! My name is Bella, and I’m a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards from New York. I’m majoring in Humanities and am also pre-med, a surprisingly harmonious combination. I am particularly enthusiastic about JE (the library is my second suite), my pets, and books!



Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 1.37.08 AMSharmaine Koh, SM ’22

Hello! My name is Sharmaine and I’m sophomore in Silliman College, intending to read History and Data Science. I consider myself fairly young in my faith journey, and being a part of Logos is a humble attempt at exploring gaps in my knowledge that I desire to fill (like the Catholic tradition and Christian ethics)! Singapore is home for me, which also means I love warm weather, wearing flip flops, drinking too much Kopi O Kosong (black coffee), and eating Hokkien Mee.

Jason Lee, TD ’2271828465_2388323434613671_3193594336772096000_n

Hello! My name is Jason Lee. Some facts: I’m majoring in Global Affairs. I enjoy reading David Foster Wallace and Neil Gaiman. Game theory is really cool.  I learned to read via board game manuals. I’m a big fan of Korean beef stew. I don’t know how to write poetry.



20191108_112239Sharla Moody, BK ’22

Hi! I’m Sharla Moody and I am a sophomore in Berkeley originally from southeastern Ohio and western West Virginia. Along with Logos, I’m involved with Christian Union, the Yale Political Union, the Rural Students Alliance, and write for the Yale Daily News. I love hiking, watching movies, and knitting. I’m so excited to contribute to Logos this year!


Serena Puang, DC ’22Serena Puang

Hi friends! I’m Serena, a sophomore in Davenport majoring in linguistics. I’m from Rogers, Arkansas. Outside of LOGOS, I’m involved in Yale Students for Christ, Danceworks, and the Yale Grammatical Diversity Project. In my free time, I enjoy drawing in my journal, making lopsided bowls in the ceramics studio, eating sushi, and listening to audiobooks on double speed.


71819616_2424519737643342_5347698981801558016_nIsa Zou, TD ’22

Hi!! My name is Isa, and I’m a sophomore in TD. I really like writing, especially long-form journalism, surprise notes for my friends, catharsis poetry, and Chinese characters. Outside of Logos, I dance with A Different Drum, sing with Glee Club, write and edit for YDN Mag, FOOT lead, bake Asian bread, hug people for lengths of time optimal for producing endorphins, stare at trees, call my dad, and don’t clean my room.


Jeanni Hwang ’14

Richard Lee ’14

Rodney Evans ’14

Courtney McEachon ’15

April Koh ’16

Joseph Kim ES ’16

Pedro Enamorado ES ’17

Sean Bland ES ’18

Nicholas Dacosta DC ’18

Annie Jones DP ’18

Sydney Wade ES ’18

Dinnie Ee, BR ’18

Keniel Yao PM ’19

Jessica Lee BR ’20





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